Finding a job and settling into Canada

It’s been 4 weeks since I got here, I now have a job, car and room where I live and so far it’s going quite well.

The second week I took a one week course related to the job I’m doing which went from 8-5 every day. The instructor was really great some of the stories you will hear when you work with people that have been in the industry for a long time are unbelievable.

On the weekend I took a First Aid and then a H2S course on the following Monday, two courses that are required to work in the Oil Industry. The H2S Instructor was an older guy who worked all over the world and also in the Gulf Of Mexico in 2010 when BP’s tragedy happened, so it was great talking to him.

If you want to read some of those stories here is a good book by another industry veteran: Paul Carter – This is Not a Drill

On Tuesday I got sick and took a rest day, the first one since I came here, I was doing things every single day since I arrived. I felt quite a bit better on Wednesday so I went out and started going around offices applying for jobs. I walked around 12km that day because the Bus system really sucks. I talked to about 12 companies and got a few positive responses. Most said with experience (1year) they’d hire me immediately.

This week I went with a friend to a different company and they interviewed me on the spot. A day later I got hired and I have my first work day tomorrow.

My room

The tools I work with. There will be a detailed post about my job, but here is more info: Nondestructive Testing

Only the main roads get plowed so everything else has a thick layer of snow.

My car. Heater isn’t working. Bought it for 700$ (400€). The drivers window wouldn’t go up so I had to get that fixed which cost 100$ (70€). After that the windshield froze from the inside but thankfully it’s warm now so everything is good.

Car Auction. Best place to get a car, some great deals.

Sold for just 14000$ (9000€). See the person standing next to it for size.