Exploring Kuala Lumpur during my 16 hour layover

I took a four week trip to Australia last month and I had to wait 16 hours for my connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

I started my trip in Frankfurt at 12noon and got to KL at around 7am. When I landed I stepped out of the airconditioned airport and even though it was only 7am it was already about 30°C and really, really humid. I wanted to take a picture of the airport tower, but that didn’t work, because the camera lens immediately got foggy, so I had to use my iPhone to do that.

After that I took the KLIA Expres, a train going up to 160km/h into Kuala Lumpur Sentral. KL has got two Centrals, the KL Sentral and the KL City Centre (KLCC). My plan was to go to the top of Petronas Twin Towers, but I met a Czech and an Egyptian, who were volunteering in KL, outsite who told me it’s not worth it to go up there. I asked them if I could come along with them, because they also just came to the city and didn’t know where anything was. We walked around like that for a bit, but due to it being Sunday nothing opened until 10am, so we just sat around at a mall and got something to eat and to drink.

At 12noon I went back to KLCC and met up with a girl I met through couchsurfing.org. She is a local and she was going to show me around a bit more. Kuala Lumpur has about zero traffic laws, except for traffic lights. She and a friend picked me up in her car, so I got to see all the reckless driving firsthand. There are a lot of motorbikes/scooters and they just ride between the cars, even if they are going 60km/h or more.

The first place we went to were the Batu Caves. They are a series of caves and cave temples outside of Kuala Lumpur and they are one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India.

At the top of the stairs were monkeys which stole stuff from people. I witnessed a monkey go up to a little kid and grab a chocolate bar out of his backpack, check out the video to see how he eats it. I got close to some monkeys, but I was only able to hold hands with one of them, the other ones opened their mouth as an aggressive emotion. His hands felt really soft :D.

Our last destination was the Central Market (Pasar Seni). Food, clothes, fake watches, whatever you can think of, you can get it there, and everything is really cheap. T-shirts start from 2€. It was really crowded so I was a bit worried about pickpockets, but thankfully nothing got stolen.

While we were walking back to the trainstation we came along a film set, if you can call it that which was probably shooting a film for Bollywood.

Errina, who was showing me around is a Muslim, so she explained me everything about the religion and also about Ramadann which was going on at the time. Most of you would know that you are not allowed to eat, but they aren’t even allowed to drink anything, no water, even in 35°C. The only time they do eat is before sunrise and after sunset. They told me they get up at 5:30am at the moment just to eat, in the evening they eat at about 7:30. They actually do pray 5 times a day, I had just finished eating something when they asked me if it was okay if they go pray, which of course I didn’t mind.