First Week in London

Tuesday the 27th August I got to London and it has been a very busy week. So far I have not seen a single tourist attraction.

It took me about 10 hours on my motorbike and it was about 800kms. Thankfully at my first stop to get fuel on the „Autobahn“ I met someone else from London who’s train was leaving around the same time so we drove the remaining time together.
Queue for the Train

Boarding the Train

Inside the Train

So far driving on the left hasn’t caused any accidents yet. But driving around London is defnitely crazy. First of all you are allowed to lane split which is something completly new and the people just don’t care about red lights and just keep walking. Oh and I also already got a parking ticket, which I might have to pay if they bother to send it to Germany.

I spent 5 days in a hostel just getting settled in, getting a sim card and meeting some Aussies who I went out with and a nice Swiss guy.
On Saturday I was able to move into my flat:
Grocery Shopping