Moving to Canada

On Wednesday 5th February I flew from Frankfurt to Edmonton to work in Canada for 1 year; for now. I got into Edmonton around 2:30pm. After that I took a Shuttle Bus to my Hostel in the Center of the city.

In the evening 2 friends picked me up that are working the same job that I’m going to do. I also went and had a look at a room near the Hostel. The room looked good and I moved in today. After that we went back to another bar and got something to eat.

The coldest temperature so far was -32°C which is okay for 5 minutes but after that it gets quite uncomfortable. Thankfully the weather is supposed to get warmer because I’ll be working 12 hour shifts outside soon.

Next week I have a one week course (8 hours every day) to learn the basics for my job and then I will start applying for jobs.










Standard size of cars in Edmonton.




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